Flipkart video streaming

Flipkart to launch a free video streaming service

The Flipkart unit of Walmart is set to implement a free video streaming service to attract fresh customers from India’s tiny towns and cities and take on the Prime Video service of rival Amazon.

Flipkart is watching the next 200 million internet customers. The firm thinks that online videos introduce most customers to the web. Video content and entertainment could therefore play a major part in getting customers to come and purchase online. “We’ve got a lot of investment going into this. We also want consumers to spend time on the platform and participate in addition to shopping. We will use content as an opportunity for engagement… we will continue to be a platform for e-commerce, “said Kalyan Krishnamurthy, CEO of Flipkart.

He added that a large number of young people spend their time consuming content online across platforms, and that is an audience that the company would like to capture.

For an annual fee of Rs 999 and Rs 129 a month, Flipkart’s arch-rival Amazon provides video and music streaming service under its’ Prime’ offer.

The two players were locked up in India’s aggressive market management fight that saw powerful development in the e-commerce segment.

Estimates indicate that in the next few years, the country’s e-commerce industry would reach USD 100 billion.

“Our offering of video content focuses on three main elements, bearing in mind our market knowledge: free, curated and personalized. We think that our clients should not pay extra for premium content and therefore our offer is distinct from anything else presently available, “clarified Prakash Sikaria, Flipkart Head of Growth and Monetisation.

He added that the licensing material of Flipkart, which has over 150 million customers in the nation, is being discussed with different suppliers.

Speaking about the platform’s implementation of Hindi language, Krishnamurthy said the move is part of the company’s attempts to expand access to the next 200 million internet users.

“According to studies, 90 percent of India’s fresh internet users are native speakers from Tier II and beyond. There are also a big number of individuals who, if made accessible in their language, would feel more comfortable shopping online. For the last year, we have been working on this and made an enormous investment in technology, “he said.

While the business starts with Hindi, it intends to add to the platform in the coming months, other vernacular languages such as Tamil, Telugu, and Bengali.

Flipkart purchased Liv.ai last year, an artificial intelligence (AI) start-up that constructed a platform to convert speech to text into 10 Indian languages.

Interestingly, last year, Amazon had begun it’s Hindi offering-a move the U.S.-based e-tailing giant had said was intended to bring online the next 100 million clients.

Flipkart also introduces’ Flipkart Ideas’ (content feeds) to help the shopping journey of customers. To begin with, content from more than 30 brands and 400 influencers will be presented in all multimedia formats, including videos, GIFs, pictures, stories, quizzes, and surveys, with related Flipkart products.

“With reliable and helpful content, Flipkart Ideas seeks to enhance the lifestyle of consumers. Using Flipkart Ideas, customers will be able to narrow down particular products that suit their requirements. This will empower them to create better buying choices by offering them with data that will help them research while shopping and also help them explore fresh products, “said Jeyandran Venugopal, Flipkart’s Head of Consumer Experience and Platform.