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author of the siteTECHKNOWLOGICALLY- the word is a combination of three words, tech, know, and logically. It’s intent is convey users of this site that they get to know the tech around them logically here.

Hey there, my name is Bhavya Patel, and I have created this site in order to share information about the devices we use everyday like our smartphones, that we check every hour. I am a 12th grade stream student , wrestling with the strenuous Science stream. I am from India.I am a photographer and gamer by hobby  If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback, then free to contact me from the Contact Us page or leave a message on Instagram.

The idea of TECuriosity came into my mind with a question that hit me that can AI (Artificial Intelligence ) destroy the whole mankind. The simple and direct answer to this is YES. We can connect it to our own history. Human being was created or was born with an unique feature that other species lack and that is power to think, human is the most intelligent species on Earth, but what had he used his intelligence for? For wars and nearly destroying his own planet. He created with his intelligence the not so great castes and races which divided the humans internally. Today because of these intelligent creatures, many other species are suffering. And our own planet is aching of global warming and pollution. This whole thing is connected to AI, if AI’s are created powerful enough to think then it would the end. We cannot even control our own actions then we cannot except a machine that than think better than us to do any good. And so these website acknowledges you about current technology and what are the gains and losses of it. Here we will discuss about the tech we use everyday like PCs, smart watches etc, most importantly our Smartphones. you know the site name right?  Tech Curiosity, combined as TECuriosity.

Remember, every great story has a beginning, and it all started with curiosity. So, just get started and trust the process.

“Stay Curious”